ROD-IS was established in 2008 as the research and development subsidiary of Roughan O’Donovan, a long established firm of Consulting Engineers. RODIS clients include the European Commission and transport authorities in Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. RODIS provides specialist consultancy services and is involved in a number of European 7th Framework Funded Projects. For this project, RODIS brings the experience of its parent company which has designed several hundred kilometres of roads over the past 20 years.

Bureau Waardenburg is an independent research and advice consultancy working in the fields of ecology, nature, the environment and landscape design. With over 65, employees they are one of the largest green consultancies in the Netherlands. In general, they are commissioned by both governments and private companies and regularly carry out over 500 projects each year. Most of their work is related to assessing the impact of development on nature, but they also have expertise on nature management, bird and fish migration and hydrobiology.

The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) is an independent and internationally prominent research institute in the transport sector. Our principal task is to conduct research and development related to infrastructure, traffic and transport. We are dedicated to the continuous development of knowledge pertaining to the transport sector, and in this way contribute actively to the attainment of the goals of Swedish transport policy.

The Centre for Ecological Research (MTA) is a research body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA ÖK). The mission at the Centre is to carry out high quality research on the biological diversity of forest, grassland, lake and river ecosystems, to learn about these systems, and to provide evidence of the importance of their conservation. The Centre is the home of researchers from various disciplines, including ecology, botany, hydrobiology, meteorology, agronomy, forestry, as well as interdisciplinary sciences.

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Harmony is funded through the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2013 “Roads and Wildlife” with funding provided by the road administration of Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom. The programme is being managed by the NRA, Ireland, on behalf of CEDR. The Programme Executive Board (PEB) is chaired by  Lars Nilsson, Sweden Transport Administration (Trafikverket). The PEB Project Manager is Vincent O’Malley of Transport Infrastructure Ireland.


Harmony is collaborating with the Saferoad project which is also funded as part of the CEDR 2013 “Roads and Wildlife” call.